Car Hauler

Every day, car haulers are faced with the potential of multiple cargo claims in every load of valuable freight that they haul.

Why do these things occur?

Some autos are damaged prior to shipping, but not documented by the shipper! Autos sometimes have inaccurate odometer information recorded on shipping documents. Fluid leaks are often undocumented and tend to show up after shipping due to liquids on the autos below.

The solution to the multiple issues that can occur with transporting automobiles seems simply solved with pre-transit inspections. Unfortunately, words on paper offer little concrete evidence of facts.

Old fashioned methods of writing down issues or even taking a quick picture have become less formidable in today’s modern digital world.

Fleet Watchdog takes modern technology and moves it into a logical format that can be presented as much more than just a “photograph”. By storing the exact GPS location, time and date that the photo was taken, many questions are answered before they can be asked.

Proof via picture now becomes concrete evidence. By eliminating any gray area left by a simple picture, Fleet Watchdog provides rock solid evidence of exactly where and when a photo was taken and therefore validates the picture in a way no other picture can be validated. The information is easy to filter and search and can be cataloged by specific, user defined fields for quick easy access to the most valuable information your company has been introduced to in decades! When questions arise, simply send the information by typing in the email of the persons who have a doubt about your work and click send! Now you’ve proven yourself beyond any question and you can move forward instead of being mired in the much of cargo claims!