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The Fleet Watchdog Service allows a commercial transportation operator, be it a single owner operator or a contractor for a large corporation or even the large corporation itself with thousands of trucks, planes, ships or cargo shipper, to safely and securely store rock solid photographic and GPS proof while making it easy to manage.

100% Secure

Using the latest in encryption and multiple data-center technologies, Fleet Watchdog stores your entries securely for when you need it most.

It's your proof

You decide what information goes in. You decide when and who the information gets sent to. As a third-party, we act as an assurance of proof for you and those you send the data to.

Massive amounts of data ... Made Easy

Sure, you could track all of those pictures, coordinates, tracking numbers, trailer numbers, etc. yourself by emails. But that quickly becomes a management nightmare! Fleet Watchdog makes it easy.

Doubles Trailer

Doubles Trailer

The Problem ...
Improperly assembled trailers include Unhooked Pintle Hooks, Chains, Mechanical, Electrical and Air System connections.
Drop and Hook company trailers especially vulnerable.

The Solution ...
Properly assemble Trailers. Final Step before rolling ... walk around and verify

How Fleet Watchdog Helps ...
Fleet Watchdog Documents and Verifies a job properly done. Instant notification and alerts sent to office personnel to monitor, manage and locate drivers.

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Car Hauler

Car Hauler

The Problem ...
Every day, car haulers are faced with claims against them. Damaged vehicles leading to Cargo and Insurance Claims.
Odometer readings, safety, securing loads and vehicle condition after the haul.

The Solution ...
Take photos of vehicle condition and odometer BEFORE loading. Take photos of critical straps and chains throughout the trip.

How Fleet Watchdog Helps ...
Fleet Watchdog documents the condition of the vehicle BEFORE and AFTER the trip; When and Where you took that picture based on GPS. All of that is instantly stored on our servers giving you Third-Party support. Nobody can argue with rock solid proof!

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Flatbed Trailer


The Problem ...
Variety of methods for secure cargo due to many different shapes, sizes and weights. Cargo claims are higher than any other sector of commercial trucking. Proper straping and chaining. Wide variety of tie tools, tarping requirements.

The Solution ...
Training drivers to recognize the proper load securement method and tools. Taking the time to be sure each load is properly secured to prevent causing damage to the load, trailer and other vehicles on the road.

How Fleet Watchdog Helps ...
Fleet Watchdog is your best tool to prove you've properly secured your cargo! Take a picture of your tie downs, tarping and generally secured cargo before, during and upon delivery to prove it. It also provides coaching opportunities to inexperienced drivers in proper cargo handling.

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When you need to prove it. Rock-solid proof for cargo claims, delivery delays, safety procedures and more, Fleet Watchdog makes it easy.


It's Easy

Simply open the Fleet Watchdog App or your email / text messaging app; Enter the User PIN; Take a picture; Click Send. That's it!

Apple, Android or even Flip-phones!

Fleet Watchdog works with what your drivers have already in their pockets. No new hardware! Use the Fleet Watchdog App for Apple or Android phones for more features. Everyone else can just use email or text.

Website Management

Manage your fleet by using the Fleet Watchdog website. Keep track of the thousands of emails and pictures quickly and easily by using filters, alerts and GPS features


Add or delete Drivers, website Users and alert receipients. Add fields and folders for drivers to put information into such as "Did you check the Pintle Hook?" or "BOL #".

Cloud-based security and storage

Entries and pictures never get lost, broken or stolen. You rely on this information for proof! Let Fleet Watchdog keep it secure so that only YOU can release it to those you need to. Let Fleet Watchdog store the vast amount of pictures so you don't have to.

Third-party Assurance

When you have to prove something. Having a third-party (us!) verify and speak on your behalf makes all the difference. From lawyers to insurance agents to security managers, we can prove What, Who and Where for you.

Happy Clients Say...

Don't take our word for it. Here are just a few of the happy clients that we've helped

“I couldn't be more satisfied. It helped me out in a tight spot with a cargo claim problem we'd been having with one customer. Paid for itself the first time!”

Todd Sterling, Owner TS and S Fleet

“2 days after signing up, a driver was flagged for a violation from a customer but it was dropped because of the proof from this website. I could have lost a driver or even the entire contract!”

Matt Stone, Owner Round K Transportation

“Fleet Watchdog is like riding along with our vehicles. If there's a problem or question about a feature, our customers just send an email. We know when it was sent and exactly where. Best part is ... no need for expensive and costly equipment.”

Steve O'Connel, Loss Prevention Elite Charter and Rental

“Sometimes, I need to see what my drivers see. Weather, road conditions, traffic, accidents. With Fleet Watchdog and just their cellphone, it's like having my eyes out there. Setting automatic alerts frees me from having to monitor it all myself.”

Mark Pillar, Dispatcher Full Tilt Transport

“We use Fleet Watchdog to document all of our invoices, receipts and other documents. We just send those right in to our office immediately. We also use it to help with proving detentions, spills and gauge levels.”

Steven LaFonte, Operations Topaloe Tankers

“I've been using your service to have our bus drivers send in breakdown photos and road conditions during this terrible winter.”

Marty Tyson, Maintenance Manager Clearview School District


All pricing is based on Active drivers. An Active driver is one that is working and submitting Fleet Watchdog entries/pictures for you. Drivers who are on vacation , sick, hurt, dropped or just taking a few days off aren't Active drivers and don't count toward your contract pricing. All it takes is one click to make a driver either Active or InActive.
* Ask about our Discounted Annual Contract Rates

Owner / Operator


Perfect for those Owner / Operators

  • Up to 2 Drivers
  • 9 am to 5 pm (Central USA) Phone Technical Support
  • 9 am to 5 pm (Central USA) Email Technical Support
  • Unlimited Entries and Pictures storage
  • 30 Day Entry retention
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Small to Medium Operator


For Small and Medium Operators with expanded needs

  • Up to 20 Drivers
  • 9 am to 5 pm (Central USA) Phone Technical Support
  • 9 am to 5 pm (Central USA) Email Technical Support
  • Unlimited Entries and Pictures storage
  • 45 Day Entry retention
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Medium to Large Operator


For Larger-sized Operators

  • Up to 30 Drivers
  • 7 am to 7 pm (Central USA) Phone Technical Support
  • 7 am to 7 pm (Central USA) Email Technical Support
  • Unlimited Entries and Pictures storage
  • 60 Day Entry retention
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