Doubles Trailer

As a contractor for a large logistics company where your primary objective is the Drop & Hook and the transport of double and triple trailers, you are aware of issues with proper assembly of trailers that can result in DISQUALIFICATION OF DRIVERS, INJURIES, DAMAGE TO VALUABLE EQUIPMENT or even the LOSS OF YOUR CONTRACT!

Why do these things occur?

Pressures of adhering to stringent schedules. Multiple distractions as a result of weather, lighting, workspace or even personal issues. Inattention or inexperience.

It’s easy to say “just do your job right”, but the reality is:  IT’S NOT EASY!

Take the proper time to achieve perfection, because Contracts, Income and even LIVES depend on properly assembled trailers. If you don’t “hook ‘em up” right, you can't pull them right! Now, the job is done right!  But, what if something happens….and your driver or even your company is accused of NOT doing the job right?

Fleet Watchdog solves this difficult to manage scenario with an easy to use Smartphone app, because it retains indisputable evidence of a “Job Well Done”!

It allows contractors to provide this information in an unaltered and simple format in a way that simply states “Here’s Proof!”. Enter the email address of the person who’s making decisions about your driver or even your contract and click ‘send’.  No more need to try to convince anyone the job was done right because now you have, not only the photo, but the GPS location, Time & Date, and these pictures are worth much more than a thousand words! The information is easy to manage and review. When your drivers submit this information every time they assemble, or “hook up” their trailers, you can do random inspections of a job well done.  This allows you to coach to certain areas of opportunity and it allows you, the contract holder, to rest easy because you know that your drivers are performing quality work!